The Travel Tribe Leader

“Travel makes one modest; you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” 

Gustave Flaubert

I’ve somehow reached a point in life when I was reflecting on what is next after a fulfilling career as a senior member of the Public Affairs Section of a prestigious American institution. “How long can I last in the industry?” “Is it time for a new thing?” I know myself as someone who doesn’t like routine. I try to make changes in my own scheme of things just to kill the monotony. (This is not the case in my human relationships, of course.) 

So one day I did the dreadful. With God’s help, I managed to finally leave the job that I held on to for so long. I made a move because time wasn’t on my side. My father’s illness and death became my main turning points.

It’s been years since I’ve been on my own. Diverting my ways to make life more exciting now occupies most of my thinking. My usual train of thought is travel, volunteering, cooking, fitness, nutrition, new language/s, etc. And eventually, writing. Hence, The Travel Peoples was born. I never thought I’d start my own blogging journey. I had several journals from when I was in my teens up to the first few years after university. 

Being so open and accessible to the public, The Travel Peoples enables me to have a simple goal in this new freedom. That goal is to let avid travelers exchange notes about their unique travel experiences by publishing them on TTP. Sharing info is always a way to learn. I don’t want to stop learning; I want to be an instrument of it. (I studied Spanish and French. Now I’m learning Korean to prepare just in case I meet Hyun Bin. 😀)

I may say that I had the "great stuff" back then. Living differently now in another country and getting older, it dawned on me that there is much more freedom in being content with simple things. I am busy as a social entrepreneur promoting Philippine coffee abroad, and I volunteer in a local church. I also write for an online media company and consult for a US-based author. But I work now to pursue not fame nor money. My dream is to see the world while I still physically can, and I also aspire to help others to the best of my capability.

I hope you can join me in this humble pursuit through The Travel Peoples. If God wills it, I’d like to turn this adventure into a book someday. (UPDATE: I published Life in Lockdown: I Caught the K-Fever (The First Wave) in August 2020, and the second edition in February 2021.) 

Aside from this blog, you may also follow my articles on where I'm a contributor/publisher. Watch my travel vlogs on YouTube.😀 

Never travel without your sunscreen and shades.