Basking in Boracay Sun


Little merman…

There was a time when going to Boracay was like going to a friend’s house in the next village. I flew there many times because of work. There were summer events that our marketing and events teams staged and had to supervise. So, imagine my skin color after that season, and the next one, and the one after that! In just one summer, I think, there was even a time I traveled there three times in two months!

I was not complaining, though. I enjoyed the trips very much. Boracay is a paradise, so to speak. My husband and my son would swim non-stop, not mindful of the time and of the sun’s scorching heat. The shoreline is a long expanse of ultra-fine powdery sand and crystalline water. It is a stretch of up to three stations. The best spot is at Station 1. The last station has occasional algae bunches on the shore. I never saw jellyfish and that is a blessing! The interesting part is that even if you are half a kilometer away from the shore, the water remains waist-deep. The floor is also even unlike the other beaches, where, from the shore, you have to be aware of the irregular floor that would suddenly sink and give you an unknowing plunge.

I remember this one time when my boys, in one of their swimming races, were chased by a crab. Haha! So funny they first wondered what it was that poked at their back. When they looked, it was a crab that was relentlessly going after them! That stopped them from swimming because they were both trying to get out of the fury of the claws! 😀

There were so many fond food memories in Boracay. We went to Puka Beach, a short boat ride from the main stations. I forgot how much the fare was, but the boatmen gave us a good deal for the rides there and back, and group lunch. There were extra charges for the other activities that we may want to do at Puka. We came there for the affordable and hefty servings of seafood, specifically crabs, clams, and lobsters. We were taken to a house that had this seafood table spread. We had to walk just to kill the feeling of being full from lunch. We took some pictures at the Puka shore to buy time after that.

The markets (called talipapa), between Stations 2 and 3, are food stops where you could pick your order that the vendors will cook for you. Nothing fancy, just straightforward order-what-you-like. This is good for vacationers on a budget.

Jonah’s Milkshake at Station 1 is also a must for Boracay travelers. They have various flavors, but I always chose my usual: chocolate peanut butter.

Riding the paraw was one of the activities I enjoyed. It is a boat ride, where a fishing net is spread on each side of the boat and you get to sit or lie down on it while the boat sails. It was like a hammock on the sea with the winds propelling your movement through the sails of the boat. I loved the feeling of the water under my feet, and the occasional splashes whenever the waves get rough. I did this with friends on one occasion, and at another time with my family. Both times were nearing sunset so it was truly lovely. Boracay has a gorgeous sunset that melts the heart.

For five-star accommodations, I highly recommend Discovery Shores at Station 1’s beachfront. We were invited by a client to check out their stunning facilities and dining options. As expected, everything there was perfect. If guests were tired of the beach, they could also swim at their pool which has a view of the beachfront as well.

Another hotel I love there is Shangri-La Boracay Resort. We went there for some drinks with family and friends. I enjoyed its buffet and its beachfront restaurant. However, the resort would require a few-minute drive from the main Boracay beach. The resort’s shoreline also does not have the same powdery white sands as the main beach. Nevertheless, it has great amenities, water activities, and five-star service.

If thinking of going to Boracay, never doubt that you’ll have the best basking-in-the-sun you could ever have.

A couple of friends joined my husband in helmet-diving, one of Boracay’s famous activities. You get to feed the fish should you choose.
Driving the all-terrain vehicle (ATV) was the first time for us. It was rugged all throughout, from the top to the bottom of the hill. But it was fun!
At Shangri-La Boracay’s beachfront resto. Perfect place with the best drinks to beat the heat.