Sun and Pizza in Ottawa


(Photos and article by inspirational author and passionate flight attendant Lia Ocampo <>. Read more of her travel blog on

It was my first layover in Ottawa, Canada, so I explored the city.

I took a bus from the hotel to downtown. It was a bit far but an easy relaxing ride. 

Byward Market is a famous place to walk, eat, and shop. Benches were available for people to sit and enjoy the sun. So why not sit with the crowd and enjoy the nice weather. 

Did I say I finished the whole 12 inches pizza? Yes, I did! I ordered my favorite pesto pizza which was really good, plus it was half the price, which made it even better.  I was planning to take half of the pizza for my lunch the next day, but it will be oily and messy, so I ate the whole pizza! It was thinly sliced anyway, so it wasn’t really that filling.  I call this day my “splurge on pizza day.” The bad thing was, I couldn’t afford to eat the famous dessert they sell on the street. 

It was my nice first layover in Ottawa.  It is a beautiful, diverse yet laid back place to live.