A Tribute to 2020

Goodbye, 2020!

You are the most unfriendly when it comes to travel. Yet, you are the best in bonding people confined at home. (Or you could also be the worst in breaking bonds between family members who are annoyed at each other. 😁) If there was an award for "the most anti-social," you got the grand slam! You even used Zoom and other new platforms to your advantage!  

Nevertheless, 2020 is a bitter-sweet year for me. Downs and ups, it left a lot of new memories and discoveries. It also brought in some milestones and achievements that I could never imagine happening during a pandemic. 

My heart breaks for those whom we've lost due to COVID-19. Some strong souls survived, but they still feel the lingering effects. This disease will never bring anything good, especially to the affected individuals. But when it comes to life lessons, there will always be something beneficial for the soul. And somehow, I cannot accept that these life lessons would have to come from a teeny weeny invisible but deadly virus.

Everything has a purpose and a reason for being. Cliche as it may sound but I believe it to be true. Only God can fathom why this crisis is happening; and when this will cease to exist. I guess our role is to just hold on, stay strong, and be hopeful. Unless you are Superman and can live in another Krypton or galaxy far, far away. We can only do so much. We can only do our part so as not to add to the statistics.

2020, we are done with you. Thank you for making us smarter in using technologies to our advantage. Thank you for making many of us entrepreneurs and financial crisis street-smarts. Thank you for making us better believers of hope and love. Thank you for making our faith stronger and better than ever. We cannot thank you enough.

2021, we'd love for you to be God-centered. The healing world is rooting for you!