Drink this Coffee, be Transported to Singapore, Indonesia, or Malaysia

Feeling the need to travel and drink kopi tarik, but the world is still plunged in virus chaos?

Fret not because this simple video teaches you how to make that national drink of Malaysia, the kopi tarik. It is also famous in neighboring Indonesia and Singapore. 

My husband is a coffee lover. When he came to Malaysia, he could not stop raving about kopi tarik. He does not like to try the instant coffee form or those in cans that are commercially sold. So we watched one kopi tarik vendor how she made it. Then we made one at home using our premium VerraCoffee Benguet variant. Pretty easy. Specially pressed. 

According to Google Translate, tarik means "to pull." I just don't know how it relates to making this sweet beverage. Although my guess is that, traditionally, the one who makes the coffee pulls a kettle containing the coffee up in a manner that pours the drink to the mug. This is because the nose of the kettle is long and pointed.

But if you don't have that kind of fancy kettle, it's alright.

Watch this clip and make it hot or cold in the comfort of your own kitchen, anytime, anyhow.

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