Can't Fly to Boracay? Klub Keluarga in Batangas is the Next Beach Biggie

In my home country, the Philippines, it's that time of the year again when people troop to the beach to relieve themselves from the hottest season of the year. March and April are considered summer months. But scientifically speaking, the country only has two seasons - wet and dry. We're just accustomed to saying "summer" because it's true, the sun is at its warmest, and the air is at its most humid.

One of the good resorts to saying "Life is a beach" is Kota Keluarga, now known as Klub Keluarga. It's located in San Juan, Batangas, a three-hour drive south of Manila. It was always a good time driving there as there are many stopovers early in the morning for breakfast. But the actual enjoyment comes when you finally reach the destination. The family is blessed to have a small property there so that we can enjoy the amenities of the resort and some features at discounted rates.

What we like in Klub Keluarga is the feeling of being truly one with nature. At that time, mobile phone signals were zero. You have to go up the cliff to get a signal in case you needed to contact someone. Yes, the cliff is an attraction in itself as it provides a spectacular view of the beach from the top. Country-style houses built by property owners lined up along the driveway going towards the cliff. Not to mention the presence of towering trees that surround these properties. It looks like some kind of a forest! A steep but safe slope provides a pathway from the cliff to the sandy beach's parking area. Traveling to the beach is already a mini-adventure in itself.

Aside from being disconnected from the world, a stunning series of cabanas on the beachfront adds excitement to the Keluarga experience. The sound of the waves while you're inside the glass cabanas gives a refreshing and relaxing vibe. We felt closer to the sun, the sea, and the sand. If a cabana is not your type of accommodation, there are airconditioned trailer-type structures that are also available. They are located not by the beachfront but still very close. 

Cabana-oh-nana, half of my heart is in cabana-oh-nana... 

Clearwater... aaahh...

Watch this video to see some deep parts of the sea. Catch the small fish hiding in the corals! (Pardon the wobbly camera because the underwater current was a bit strong.)

The native capiz-and-shells light adorning the interior ceiling of the cabana.

There is also a pool if the beach is too wavy for you.

When it comes to dining in, the resort has a delicious array of seafood and a meat buffet. An a la carte menu is another option.

Klub Keluarga's address: Sitio Napayong, Barangay Laia Ibabao, San Juan, Batangas, Philippines. Go to the Facebook link above for more info about booking rates. The resort has imposed new normal rules in compliance with the Department of Tourism's order.