Oldies in New Jersey Enjoying in Atlantic City

Panoramic shot of Atlantic City in New Jersey

Old things remain old. Even if you're in New Jersey. Haha! 

What do I mean by that? Let me link that intro to a sweet reunion between me and my old high school pal, Geralene. I was bored in Long Island when I suddenly thought that she lives only an hour away. So I decided to call her and arrange a quick meet-up that same day. I boarded the train to meet her that afternoon. I patted my back because I realized I could commute by myself! Haha! It was strange riding the train to another state for the first time, albeit it was short. I noticed that there was no one to check the tickets.

Anyway, I finally saw Ge, as I fondly call her, after more than 20 years. Nothing changed! It's the same old her: bubbly and chatty. She talked like we were still in high school. She is now a successful head nurse in a health facility in NJ. I'm proud of her. She was one of the top students in our class. 

She asked me where I wanted to go. I said I wanted to see Atlantic City. I didn't know it was a few-hour drive! But Ge willingly drove despite the slightly heavy traffic we encountered at one point. I was curious about the former glory that Atlantic City was known for. 

One of the attractions of Atlantic City is Caesars Palace, a casino place. My visit was in time for their Ruby anniversary.
Gordon is not here.

We got there at around four in the afternoon. I was surprised to find out that many stores had closed. Only a few establishments and food outlets remain operational. It was a sad scene. It was said that this tourist destination has not been doing well that the stakeholders are thinking of closing it down. I was imagining a lively place. Well, it happened in the evening when the alfresco shops and food stops began opening to cater to the evening crowd. The goers were mostly young people who were just hanging out. Like us! Haha! There were also families enjoying the sea breeze and the lively scene. It was a long stretch by the boardwalk. Ge and I proceeded to walk both ways just to burn what we ate during dinner. It was a seafood feast at a restaurant inside the mall. We also had sweets a la beachfront.

Dining alfresco for dessert at the boardwalk.

Later that night, we went to their house. Her kind family invited me to sleep over instead of me staying at a hotel. I had planned the latter. Of course, our catching up continued. We slept at 2 am.

Overlooking NYC from Hoboken, NJ.

The next day, Ge asked me to go with them to the university tour in Hoboken for her eldest child. I enjoyed it. I also had the company of Ge and kids for lunch. We ate at an Italian restaurant near the university. That was the last time I spent with them as I headed to the train station that will bring me back to the NYC subway. 

It was a quick trip. But all those memories of our teenage years came back. The stories we had to retell to each other, and the scoop about this and that, were all packed in a two-day stay in New Jersey. This is my way to thank the hospitality of Geralene and her family.  

Our Italian lunch. I had an interesting chat with these smart boys and their smart mom.
 (Photo credit: Geralene's Facebook)

(This visit was on August 8, 2019.)