Adventure Travel in Egypt's Pyramids of Giza


Egypt should be on your bucket list, and in Egypt, a tour guide is a must. 

Ahmed Mido and Hosam Ramy are the best tour guides you could ever have. They are very knowledgeable, and will work on your schedule, wants, and budget. Plus, they will take your incredible photos and give you some surprises. Their passion for Egypt, its history, teaching, and learning is very impressive. Our recent trip was amazing!

This video covers a  three-day trip that will allow you to experience the best of Egypt. 

First day:

*Tour of Alexandria. Drive 2.30 hours to Cairo to explore the city of the Great Alexander. 

*Bombay pillar 

*Catacombs tombs 

*Bay citadel 


Second day:

Tour around Giza to see the following:

*Sakkrah, which it's the first step pyramid in the world. Get a chance to see the inside of this 4000-year old pyramid.

*Memphis, the first Ancient Egyptian capital in 2300 BC and enjoy the museum for King Ramses 

*Giza great pyramids, which is the highlight of Giza, and enjoy the Sphinx and camel ride in the Giza pyramids area 

*Nile River Cruise with buffet dinner and belly dance and Sophie dance shows

Third day:

*Cairo Day City Tour to see the Egyptian Museum, King Tut treasure room, and mummies

*Sahara desert with ATV ride on a sunset

This tour includes three nights accommodation (with a view of the pyramids), entrances with tour guides, lunch and dinner on cruise, and airport pick up and drop off. 

Please contact Ahmed Mido and Hosam Ramy for your tour needs:

(Video courtesy of Author Lia's YouTube channel, the article written by Author Lia.)


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