It's here!!! Jollibee opens its first branch in West Malaysia


For this kid, indeed, joy has arrived.

The writer had the first dibs at Jollibee's sweet spaghetti, the famous Chickenjoy, and the gravy that goes perfectly with the crispy and flavorful signature chicken. It was a privilege to be invited to the press launch before the store finally opens to the public on February 8 at Sunway Pyramid Mall in Selangor.

Locals and even foreigners alike warmly welcome the fast-food giant, which has created a buzz since the posting of teasers and countdowns on its Facebook page.

But for sure, no one gets more excited about this opening than a Filipino living in West Malaysia, especially those in the Klang Valley. The restaurant's opening means they no longer have to miss the familiar hunger-inducing aroma of the local fast-food favorite. To some, it also means a little atmosphere of home, the Philippines, where Jollibee began.   

International operations manager, Rodel Alcantara, who came from the Philippines, mentioned that 50 Jollibee stores will open in this part of Malaysia in the next five years. This means more jobs for the locals, and Filipinos residing in Malaysia. He noted that due to the COVID-19 border restrictions, locals were hired. In other countries where Jollibee operates, most of the staff and crew are Filipinos.

Part of the modern interior decoration of Jollibee Sunway Pyramid.

It was a 30-minute "trip" back to the Philippines, which was the duration of our enjoying the chickenjoy, the sweet spaghetti, and the side dishes that went with them, including the much-loved gravy. There was no discrepancy in the taste. It was very much like the ones in the Philippines. For the spaghetti, the color of the sauce is pale red, maybe orange. In the Philippines, it is red. They also put beef sausage and ground beef instead of ground pork and pork sausage to maintain the "Halal" status. We have not tried the chocolate sundae, but a food reviewer said it tastes like the White Rabbit caramel candy. Anyway, all in all, it felt like going to the next Jollibee branch across the street in the Philippines for a meal.

We will go back next month to try the other items on the menu, with the hopes the craze has subsided. Or we could wait for the opening of the second branch that is nearer our residence.

More about the opening in the YouTube link above. 

Warning: You might feel a strong urge to head to Jollibee after watching.