"Revenge Travel": Japan

Revenge travel is real. After the series of lockdowns amid a pandemic, someone like me only used to imagine leaving the house for new scenery. But now, it was a relief when an opportunity to fly came.

That opportunity was in Japan. So, I did not hesitate to say "yes" to applying for a business visa and extending my stay for some leisure. The first few days of my trip were part of my earlier blog.

I had three days to revisit some parts of Tokyo and Ota City in Gunma Prefecture. The latter is where my cousin and her family live. I had not seen them for 12 years. The last time I visited was in 2010 when my nephew and nieces were still young. They have been living in Japan for more than 20 years. They already speak the language fluently and have become accustomed to the country's lifestyle. They are Filipinos, so we spoke in Tagalog at their home.

Anyway, my cousin toured me around. I immensely enjoyed the sites and the experience. Odaiba City is a beautiful place I want to go back to. It is part of Tokyo Bay, a reclaimed area in the city. We went to Aqua City late in the afternoon. We watched the sunset, laughed about the stories we told to each other, took photos, and talked some more while enjoying bubble tea. I forgot to mention that the trip going to Odaiba is an experience in itself. We rode a train (similar to a monorail) whose rails stand above like a rollercoaster's curvy path. The view along the ride is breathtaking. I was telling myself that I will bring the boys here. The son requested a tour of Japan as his graduation gift.

The visit to Japan would be incomplete if I won't include my gastronomic experience. Noodles are my comfort food, together with dumplings and dim sums. So, when in Japan, my only choices are either rice or noodles. I don't eat rice regularly. So, for five consecutive days, I would never miss out on ramen of varying kinds. On my first dinner with cousins, they took me to Kappa Sushi, famous for its speeding conveyor belt-style sushi. This time, I could not avoid the rice nor refuse my cousin's offer to eat this and that. I especially liked the salmon roe (as usual). In my video, I will include all my Japanese food finds. 

I will not forget to say this, and I'm not sorry if I will repeat myself. Aside from the food and the beauty of the country, the Japanese way (of helpfulness, kindness, and politeness) is worthy to mention. I would give them a 101/100 grade for this. Of course, nobody is perfect, and for sure, some of them do not have these qualities. But let me point out that still, a majority of them live these traits out. I am just glad that I am at the receiving end. The experience makes me want to keep returning, 

Another remarkable thing in Japan is the presence of baby carriers inside each cubicle in public toilets. This, and of course, the consistently clean toilets. Their bowls would have regulated bidets and different sprinkling modes.

Surprisingly, I noticed that even without garbage bins in most places, one would not find any scattered trash. It's because the Japanese people keep their trash and wait to throw it at designated places or at their homes. If all people would have this habit!  

For the rest of my Japan revenge travel, watch my video above.