Revisiting the Philippines in the Ongoing Pandemic (Part 2)


Preparing for take-off...

As I wrote previously, here is the second part of my blog. 

We returned to the Philippines for a five-day visit in late November 2022 to renew our driver's licenses. The process took two hours. We did it at the Land Transportation Office in Muntinlupa City. The processing began at 9 AM. Everything was the same, except that this time, the license is valid for 10 years (formerly five years). Yeyyy! 

We followed the activities in our itinerary. Basically: Meet my side of the family, meet our close friends, and meet my husband's side. Thank God. We were able to accomplish those. Although I was hoping that we could stay longer to visit former churchmates, other friends, and relatives, especially my father's side. Besides, it was my husband's first time since 2018 to revisit home. Not to mention the grueling documentation so that he could travel. 

All in all, it was a productive and pleasant short trip. We had things to do daily and ticked them all on the list. One of them is to pick up a box of VerraCoffee for our December bazaar inventory.

I wished there was more time to go to Tagaytay. We were planning to go to our small orchard and other favorite places, such as Tagaytay Royale Country Club. Maybe next time.

Right now, we're saving up again to plan for a possible trip this year. Hopefully, we can save more money, so we can stay longer, eat more, and enjoy ourselves further. Haha! I welcome sponsors wholeheartedly. :-D 

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