Christmas in The Netherlands


The Rembrandt Square in Amsterdam gleams at night.

Christmas shopping at the outlets in Bataviastad, Lelystad.

It may be quieter and more festive than in the Philippines. "Solemn" is the word to describe Christmas Eve here. I wonder if it's the rainy and windy weather. The snow lasted only for two days in early December. But it has been quiet and chill, literally and figuratively.

It may also be the culture in my neck of the woods. I live in a suburb. 

Although I liked the days preceding Christmas Eve. People were jolly and in high spirits. Even the bus and train employees at the Centraal Station sang carols to the delight of the passengers and passersby. 

Christmas markets were a feast to the eyes, too. I uploaded a video on my travel channel for more visuals and market information.  

I'm still trying to get used to this Christmas set-up. But honestly, I like Christmas in Asia or in the US. It's because of the lengthy period we celebrate it there. In the Philippines, it begins as early as September, which belongs to the "-ber" months. In the US, although it starts on or before Thanksgiving, the overwhelming decorations, activities, and events make up for a colorful season, too.  

In the meantime, visit my YouTube channel (same link above) to check the Dutch places we have been to. You may also go to the playlist Living in The Netherlands.

So we'll see if we're traveling next year to another city or country for Christmas. 

For now, we'll explore more of this beautiful country with strange weather patterns that can mess up your day's attire.

Vrolijk kerstfeest! (Merry Christmas in Dutch.)